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Trio Tips Ring
Trio Tips Ring Sale price$29.00
Sterling Pave Dot Ring
Sterling Pave Dot Ring Sale price$35.00
Wide Buckle RingWide Buckle Ring
Wide Buckle Ring Sale price$29.00
Sterling Pinwheel RingSterling Pinwheel Ring
Sterling Pinwheel Ring Sale price$90.00
Set of 3 Gold Rings
Set of 3 Gold Rings Sale price$22.00
Sterling CZ Bar RingSterling CZ Bar Ring - Embellish Your Life
Sterling CZ Bar Ring Sale price$29.00
Sterling Flower RingSterling Flower Ring
Sterling Flower Ring Sale price$25.00
Sterling Skinny Nail RingSterling Skinny Nail Ring
Sterling Skinny Nail Ring Sale price$19.00
Eternal Angled Ring
Eternal Angled Ring Sale price$29.00
Vintage Style Ring
Vintage Style Ring Sale price$39.00
Sterling Cubic Zirconia Tip Ring
Sterling Twist Diamond Shape RingSterling Twist Diamond Shape Ring
Sterling Twist Knot RingSterling Twist Knot Ring
Sterling Twist Knot Ring Sale price$22.00
Baguette Abstract RingBaguette Abstract Ring
Baguette Abstract Ring Sale price$39.00
2 Tone Twisted Row Ring2 Tone Twisted Row Ring
2 Tone Twisted Row Ring Sale price$32.00
Double Stone RingDouble Stone Ring
Double Stone Ring Sale price$32.00
2 Tone Crystal Square Ring2 Tone Crystal Square Ring
Striped Swirl Crystal RingStriped Swirl Crystal Ring
Black Diamond RingBlack Diamond Ring
Black Diamond Ring Sale price$49.00
2 Tone X Ring
2 Tone X Ring Sale price$29.00
Gold Cubic Zircon Dazzle RingGold Cubic Zircon Dazzle Ring
Turquoise and Cz Flower RingTurquoise and Cz Flower Ring
2 Tone Leaf Cz Ring2 Tone Leaf Cz Ring
2 Tone Leaf Cz Ring Sale price$39.00
Screw Head Ring - Embellish Your Life Screw Head Ring - Embellish Your Life
Screw Head Ring Sale price$29.00
Silver Cz Pave and Tip RingSilver Cz Pave and Tip Ring
Twisted Gold and Cz Rows RingTwisted Gold and Cz Rows Ring
Turquoise and Gold Statement RingTurquoise and Gold Statement Ring
Round Cz Pave RingRound Cz Pave Ring
Round Cz Pave Ring Sale price$35.00

2 colors available

Emerald Cut Amythest RingEmerald Cut Amythest Ring
Emerald Cut Amythest Ring Sale price$42.00
Silver Square Statement Ring
Cobblestone Oval Dome RingCobblestone Oval Dome Ring
Curvy Cz X RingCurvy Cz X Ring
Curvy Cz X Ring Sale price$45.00
Adjustable Cz Clover Ring
Adjustable Cz Clover Ring Sale price$35.00
Adjustable Silver Filigree Cz BandAdjustable Silver Filigree Cz Band
Ring with crystals. Designer dupe. Love Crystal Ring
Love Crystal Ring Sale price$20.00

2 colors available

Gold Rainbow Ring - Embellish Your Life Gold Rainbow Ring - Embellish Your Life
Gold Pastels Ring Sale price$39.00
Sideways Initial RingSideways Initial Ring
Sideways Initial Ring Sale price$12.00

2 colors available

Buckle Up Ring
Buckle Up Ring Sale price$39.00
Criss Cross Ring
Criss Cross Ring Sale price$45.00
Layers of Goodness RingLayers of Goodness Ring
Layers of Goodness Ring Sale price$52.00

2 colors available

X CZ RingX CZ Ring - Embellish Your Life
X CZ Ring Sale price$39.00
Blue Ice RingBlue Ice Ring - Embellish Your Life
Blue Ice Ring Sale price$48.00
Set of 2  Daisy RingDouble Daisy Ring - Embellish Your Life
Set of 2 Daisy Ring Sale price$45.00
Baguette Beauty RingBaguette Beauty Ring - Embellish Your Life
Baguette Beauty Ring Sale price$52.00
Terrific Tri-Tone Ring - Embellish Your Life Terrific Tri-Tone Ring - Embellish Your Life
Terrific Tri-Tone Ring Sale price$35.00
Sapphire Bow RingSapphire Bow Ring - Embellish Your Life
Sapphire Bow Ring Sale price$35.00
Sapphire Solitaire RingSapphire Solitaire Ring - Embellish Your Life
Sapphire Solitaire Ring Sale price$29.00
Double the Love Ring
Double the Love Ring Sale price$25.00
Citrine Sunshine Ring
Citrine Sunshine Ring Sale price$42.00
Silver Bubbles RingSilver Bubbles Ring - Embellish Your Life
Silver Bubbles Ring Sale price$29.00