How we started...The power of women!







 After the divorce, and as a single mom of 2 young girls, I wanted to feel empowered. I wanted to feel like I can make a difference.  An entrepreneur at heart,  I wanted to start a business where women can look their best and feel good about themselves...Embellish their lives.

The best part of my business is meeting women at my wholesale customers locations who tell me they love the Embellish collection. Great styles at guilty-free prices.They tell me they look fabulous and receive many compliments when wearing their pieces.

Now, through ecommerce, you can have the same experience. Shop for your facial and necklines and wear the pieces with confidence as you are selecting what makes you look your best.You can look great, feel empowered and succeed in anything you put your mind to. 

Hope you enjoy our carefully selected collections!

As Always,

Embellish Your Life,


Mompreneur :)

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